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Pool Tiles

Weekly Pool Service

Performed on a weekly basis by reliable technicians ready to take excellent care of your pool

Weekly Service: Price List



  • Weekly chemical testing and balance 

  • Chemicals included: liquid chlorine, salt, alkalinity, bicarb, chlorine tablets

  •  Emptying of skimmer basket, pump pot basket and pool sweep bag



  • Includes the Chemical/Basket service

  • Brushing of steps, tile line and interior benches or shelves

  • Filter cartridge cleaning (1-2 times per year)

Complete Service


  • Includes the Chemical/Filter/Brushing service

  • Netting out the debris in the water

  • There is a $30 annual fee for cyanuric acid in May. This is a chlorine stabilizer in swimming pools exposed to high heat and sunlight.

  • A separate body of water such as a fountain or above ground spa is an additional charge.

  • Weekly service pricing is based on a standard sized properly balanced pool. If you have a green pool, please contact us to obtain a quote for a pool clean up.


Sign Up For Weekly Service

Sign up here for weekly pool service here. We will contact you for additional information and confirmation of service.

Weekly Service Level

Thank you for signing up for weekly pool service! We will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Weekly Service: Price Quote

Set Up Recurring Payments

Recurring Credit Card Authorization Form

Please complete this form and send it to us via email or paper mail in order to set up recurring credit card payments for your monthly service.

Weekly Service: Files
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